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2QH RI WKH ĆUVW DOO LQ RQH V\VWHPV to hit the mar­ket, the crowd­funded Grainfather – launched by New Zea­land com­pany Be­vie in 2014 – rocks an aes­thetic that will ap­peal more to the tra­di­tional home brewer. But while it’s not as bi­jou as its ri­vals in this fea­ture, it holds its own both in terms of the beer it pro­duces and the time it takes to de­liver. In fact, it’ll brew from grain in as lit­tle as four hours, with an in­cluded wort chiller cool­ing your batch in a physics­de­fy­ing 20 min­utes. And it gets ex­tra gold stars for ease of use, thanks to a Con­nect con­troller that en­ables you to type in your com­mands, and mon­i­tor the *UDLQIDWKHUèV SURJUHVV YLDbDQbDSS RQ \RXUbVPDUWbGHYLFH

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