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If you’re a purist who baulks at the idea of hav­ing an au­to­mated ma­chine do all of the brew­ing for you, and pre­fer to stick with the good old-fash­ioned DIY method, there’s noth­ing wrong with that… But you could let tech take a bit of the weight off your shoul­ders. The Tilt is an in­tel­li­gent, com­pact de­vice that does just that. How? It ac­cu­rately reads your beer’s grav­ity and tem­per­a­ture lev­els while it’s fer­ment­ing, be­fore send­ing them to your smart­phone or tablet via Blue­tooth. By do­ing this The Tilt saves you the bother of hav­ing to keep lift­ing the lid WRbFKHFN WKH SURJUHVV RI \RXU DOH which doesn’t do it much good any­way. Don’t worry, we won’t WHOOb\RXU PDWHV \RX FKHDWHG tilthy­drom­e­

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