The Fall of a Wall Street An­gel

Tehelka - - 20 - AM­BUJ KU­MAR,

I read the In­dian elite’s re­ac­tion to Ra­jat Gupta’s trial with ut­ter dis­gust. What a shame­less dis­play of ar­ro­gance and for­eign ed­u­ca­tion! It is heart­en­ing, there­fore, to know that in­stead of be­ing in­flu­enced by the old boys’ club, the law took its course. Gupta’s trial is a les­son for our ju­di­ciary, that law is above the high and the mighty.


Re­fer to ‘The Dark and the Sublime’ by Shaili Cho­pra, 3 Novem­ber. Re­fer to ‘Ed­i­tor’s Cut’ by Shoma Chaud­hury, 27 Oc­to­ber. Ra­jat Gupta must be curs­ing his stars that he was not liv­ing and work­ing in In­dia. In In­dia, not only would he have got­ten away eas­ily, he would have be­come a Mem­ber of Par­lia­ment and lived hap­pily ever aer.



I was glad to read your ed­i­to­rial. You have rightly pointed out that in spite of the metic­u­lous work put in by jour­nal­ists, the minds of the aam aadmi and in­tel­lec­tu­als are not get­ting ig­nited and ev­ery­one seems to have de­vel­oped an in­dif­fer­ent and ca­sual at­ti­tude. Noth­ing gets mov­ing, un­less it is glam­ourised or hyped by the tele­vi­sion me­dia. I can only say that TE­HELKA is do­ing a great job. You should continue to do so. These re­ports are def­i­nitely mak­ing a dif­fer­ence and cre­at­ing aware­ness among the gen­eral pub­lic. Who knows, this could per­haps prove to be Your oth­er­wise out­stand­ing ar­ti­cle has been marred by un­due criticism of Arvind Ke­jri­wal and spe­cial fo­cus on Gad­kari, just be­cause he rep­re­sents the BJP. You have le out the Karunanidhi fam­ily, the Red­dys of Kar­nataka, A Raja, Mayawati and the Ya­davs, just to name a few. I also take ex­cep­tion to your state­ment that no party is above cor­rup­tion. I am yet to see a sin­gle charge of cor­rup­tion against any mem­ber of the CPI. While you are at it, why don’t you com­ple­ment peo­ple like Naren­dra Modi, who run a clean gov­ern­ment?

NARA SARMA, ON EMAIL Per­fect ar­ti­cle! Please continue writ­ing such edi­to­ri­als so that we can still hold on to some hope that the sys­tem might change.



Re­fer to ‘Mo­ment of the Muck­raker’ by Ashok Ma­lik, 27 Oc­to­ber. Ma­lik writes: ‘They (In­dia Against Cor­rup­tion) will get a mar­ginal vote, just like Sin­clair did, and no more.’ It is dif­fi­cult to take a colum­nist se­ri­ously who makes such a smug, de­fin­i­tive state­ment based on no knowl­edge of what is hap­pen­ing be­hind the scenes.



Re­fer to Ashish Khetan’s ‘Realty Comes Back to Bite the Pawars’, 27 Oc­to­ber.

I would like to thank you for rais­ing the bar

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