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I in­stinc­tively re­spond to the power and vivid­ness of Joseph Mal­lord Wil­liam Turner’s land­scapes, which are al­ways im­bued with con­trast­ing, fresh tones of light and shade. What im­pacts me most in Turner’s art is the depth in his fear­some, cat­a­strophic storms, which he ren­ders with force­ful whirling move­ments of his brush. His paint­ings are a rare com­bi­na­tion of the real and the imag­i­nary. He has been a prolific painter and has an un­be­liev­able range in his art. Some of my favourite works are Steam-Boat Off a Har­bour’s Mouth, The Morn­ing af­ter the Del­uge and The Fight­ing Te­meraire.

Steam-boat off a Har­bour’s Mouth

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