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Businessma­n- turned- author Aroon Raman is more fascinated with fantasy and fiction than

with boardroom reckoners

Talking animals, lost treasure, courageous emperors and a secret band of assassins make up The Treasure of Kafur by Aroon Raman. This recently released thriller by Pan Macmillan draws heavily from the annals of Indian history. Aroon points out, “The book is not historical fiction. It is set in the Mughal period, but it is a fantasy adventure. I have retained the characters of Emperor Akbar and Rana Pratap Singh, but I have taken great liberties with the facts. That way, The ple. I have always wanted to write. But running a family business doesn’t leave much mind space. Writing requires long hours of solitude and an unstressed mind. I then sold the business to ABB ( a Swiss multinatio­nal) and have since then devoted myself to pursuing my many passions, including writing,” he explains.

Aroon’s first novel, The Shadow Throne went on to become a bestseller. “My biggest challenge was to get my book out there. Today, the Indian reader is spoilt for choice, with so many books around. Since it was my debut novel; we worked hard at getting the book to reach as many people as possible. I received a lot of feedback from people who truly enjoyed reading it. I was happy with that and in a way, I’ve evolved as an author. The Treasure of Kafur

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