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SHEILA DIK­SHIT’S re­turn as Con­gress chief for Delhi must be wel­comed. In the cur­rent craggy phase of pol­i­tics, there is an yearn­ing for old world lead­er­ship that sym­bol­ised pur­pose­ful de­ci­sive­ness tem­pered by grace. The reen­try of Ms Dik­shit in Delhi’s pol­i­tics ought to pro­vide some hope yet for the re­vival of the sober po­lit­i­cal am­bi­ence of yesteryears. How the po­lit­i­cal dice rolls in May 2019 is a dif­fer­ent mat­ter. It has been an un­easy four years for the cap­i­tal. The AAP is as brash and self- opin­ion­ated as the BJP. The reas­cen­dence of Ms Dik­shit should hope­fully re­set the stan­dards of a way­ward po­lit­i­cal dis­course.

R. Narayanan


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