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New Delhi, Feb. 10: We all dread us­ing In­ter­net Ex­plorer, but some busi­nesses and or­gan­i­sa­tions still use the good old browser be­cause they can’t help it. Now Mi­crosoft is go­ing out of its way telling people to stop us­ing it.

In the lat­est com­pany blog, Prin­ci­pal Pro­gram Man­ager in the Ex­pe­ri­ences and De­vices Group, Chris Jack­son wrote about ‘ The per­ils of us­ing In­ter­net Ex­plorer as your de­fault browser’. He ex­plained that the use of In­ter­net Ex­plorer is in­creas­ing the tech­ni­cal debt for the com­pa­nies.

The ‘ tech­ni­cal debt by de­fault’ ap­proach means if you cre­ate a brand- new web­page to­day, run it in the lo­cal in­tranet zone, and don’t add any ad­di­tional markup, you will end up us­ing a 1999 im­ple­men­ta­tion of web stan­dards by de­fault.

The rea­son why some com­pa­nies are stick­ing to In­ter­net Ex­plorer is be­cause it sup­ports legacy web apps. How­ever, this in­curs ad­di­tional costs for the en­ter­prises as they opt for the con­ve­nient method rather than im­ple­ment­ing mod­ern browser ap­proach. — ANI

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