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Tech company wins award for AI, automation solutions


Chennai-based Autointell­i Systems, an IT infrastruc­ture Automation Company, has won the coveted Aditya Birla Bizlabs Award-2019 recently for its expertise in artificial intelligen­ce (AI) and machine learningba­sed IT infrastruc­ture automation solutions.

The company was adjudged the winner in the contest in which over 2,000 tech startups from across the world took part in various categories. As a winner of the award, Autointell­i will get funding and business for its solutions from Aditya Birla group companies. Bizlabs is the initiative of the Aditya Birla group to identify innovative startups and offer them business support.

Autointell­i’s IT infrastruc­ture automation solution - known as Artificial Intelligen­ce for IT Operations (AIOps) - helps companies ensure business continuity by making their IT infrastruc­ture reliable. It has partnershi­ps with global organisati­ons including a top 4 consulting firm and global tech giants.

Talking about the award, E. Pradeep Kumar, CEO, Autointell­i, said, “The BizLabs award is recognitio­n for innovative approach to AIOps, a niche IT services segment, currently dominated by big organisati­ons. AIOps platform is a global product. We will take our solutions to businesses across categories, sizes, and market regions and emerge as a leader in AIOps in the world.”

The company will take the solutions to various businesses categories, sizes, and market regions and emerge as a leader in AIOps in the world. AIOps solutions can free staff from doing mundane, repetitive, and tedious IT operations, and let them focus on value creating tasks.

As an AI platform built with robust machine learning algorithms, Autointell­i’s AIOps makes the management of an entire IT ecosystem of a business autonomous. It maps the IT infrastruc­ture; monitors the functionin­g of various hardware and software; diagnoses and predicts problems, conducts root-cause analyses; creates alerts to prompt engineers to step in; and solve issues on its own, using virtual bots.

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