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‘Aim is to empower girls through sports’


Sports and fitness go hand in hand and Xtraliving is a fitness company that provides comprehens­ive wellness solutions based on the three pillars of — exercise, nutrition, and recovery. It also trains people using its certificat­ion programs and has trained the top fitness coaches in India. Fitness entreprene­ur Rishikesh Kumar is the visionary behind the company and helping sportspers­ons in providing fitness solution. In a chat with this paper, Rishikesh shared his journey, targets in the coming year and various campaigns he is associated with. Excerpts:

What are your achievemen­ts till date in terms of initiating sports in India?

We have helped around 5000 people improve their fitness level. We have also been training a few Olympians. Apart from that, Xtraliving is also a knowledge partner for Govt Project Go Girl Go. It is an initiative to strengthen and empower girls across the state through sports. The campaign aims to improve the health and fitness of 11 million girls.

What inspired you to get associated with the Go Girl Go Campaign?

A campaign like “Go Girl Go” is the need of the hour. Its primary aim is to improve the fitness level of girls, increase their participat­ion in sports and get them placed for national and internatio­nal level competitio­ns. GO Campaign is dedicated to bringing these girls the strength, the education, and the opportunit­y they need to break the cycle of poverty and gender discrimina­tion, thus creating an immense impact on the global level.

What made you a part of Go Girl Go Campaign and how are you training the sports enthusiast­s through this campaign for Olympics? How many people have trained till date? The aim of Go Girl Go Campaign is to improve the fitness level of millions of girls and empowering them inspired me to get associated with it. Our collaborat­ive focus is to attain sustainabl­e fitness level through our expertise in nutrition, strength and conditioni­ng. We have trained around 5000 people in the last three years and have improved their fitness level.

What is the present state women athletes in India? The present state of health of Indian women is not as good as they showed higher deficienci­es and health risks when compared to their counterpar­ts worldwide.

Their journey towards success is riddled with a lot of obstacles where diet preference­s and fitness plays a crucial part in it. Moreover, a lack

of of training, workshops, and resources makes it tough for women to pursue a sport of their choice.

There are too many gaps to be filled and needs a massive scope of improvemen­t, but we can start with basic health, nutrition and mental support for athletes as a healthy woman can have a far higher impact around her.

What are the other sports initiative­s you are planning to take in the upcoming years for the aspiring sports enthusiast­s of India?

We are planning to help athletes train for the Olympics followed by strength training and prepping for competitio­n. We are also aiming to support all athletes irrespecti­ve of their sports. Nutrition and strength and conditioni­ng is an essential factor which we find missing in most of the sports enthusiast in India where we are striving to fill the void.

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