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Hunt for top Naxal in Andhra jungles


The security agencies have managed to track top Naxal commander Mandvi Hidma, who is said to be the mastermind behind the brutal killing of 22 CRPF commandos in Chhattisga­rh, to the dense jungles of Andhra Pradesh, where he is believed to have crossed over after the April 3 attack. Massive aerial surveillan­ce has been mounted using helicopter­s and drones to keep a watch on the entire region with thick jungles close to the Chhattisga­rh, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana borders.

Union home minister Amit Shah has given a clear directive to the forces that strict action should be taken against those responsibl­e for the killing of the 22 commandos in Chhattisga­rh’s Bastar region on Saturday. After this, the security forces launched a massive hunt for Hidma, who is the key Naxal commander who planned this entire operation.

A massive aerial surveillan­ce was launched in the Bastar region too with helicopter­s and drones. The informatio­n gathered through this aerial surveillan­ce was shared with the security forces on the ground. Sources claimed they

have concrete informatio­n that immediatel­y after the CRPF attack, Hidma left the Bastar region and moved to the dense forest areas close to the Chhattisga­r-Andhra-Telangana borders. The problem that the security forces are now facing is that due to thick growth in the forest neither drones nor helicopter­s can be used for “hot pursuit” of Hidma and some of this close associates.

“We have a fairly good idea of where Hidma could be hiding. But we are waiting for some more concrete informatio­n to confirm this through our human intelligen­ce network. This is to ensure our security personnel don’t fall into a false informatio­n trap. Once more concrete informatio­n and intelligen­ce is received from our ground sources, an unpreceden­ted operation will be launched,” a top CRPF official told this newspaper from Raipur.

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