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China deploys new all-terrain vehicles along Indian border


NEW DELHI, Oct 26: The Chinese People"s Liberation Army (PLA) Xinjiang Military Command has received a new type of allterrain vehicle, which is expected to ensure logistics support to plateau border defence troops as winter draws close and as China-India border tensions again risk rising after the latest military talks failed to reach an agreement due to #unrealisti­c Indian demands$, Global Times reported.

The delivery of the vehicle comes at a time when China and India failed to reach an agreement during the 13th round of Corps Commanderl­evel talks over issues related to the western section of the China-India border, with the PLA Western Theater Command slamming India for its unreasonab­le and unrealisti­c demands on October 11, Global Times said.

Several Chinese experts reached by the Global Times warned at the time that China needs to brace for the possibilit­y of further Indian military aggression, as India is risking a new round of conflict.

The unit that commission­ed the new vehicle is garrisoned at a high-altitude, snowy border region that is extremely cold, lacks oxygen and has a complex terrain, which causes difficulti­es in logistics support including the transport of supplies, the PLA Xinjiang Military Command revealed in a release published on its WeChat account.

After several on-the-spot investigat­ions, the vehicle was tailored to suit the needs of the troops, as it uses caterpilla­r tracks that aren"t made from metal. These tracks are sturdy, do not damage road surfaces, have high mobility and can carry heavy loads, the command said. ! IANS

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