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Complex surgeries performed


GUWAHATI, Oct 26: The Department of Surgical Gastroente­rology and GI Oncology of the Narayana Superspeci­ality Hospital, led by Dr Digvijoy Sarma and Dr Saikat Mallik, performed some major and complex surgeries recently, stated a press release issued here today.

A 45-year-old man from Arunachal Pradesh suffering from advanced gastric cancer, after neoadjuvan­t chemothera­py, underwent radical gastrectom­y with cytoreduct­ive surgery. A 40-year-old female from Manipur with cancer of the colon, underwent single-stage colon and liver resection successful­ly.

Another 45-year-old man from West Bengal whose oesophagus and stomach were scarred due to acid ingestion was referred here for further treatment. A rare surgery called colonic interposit­ion was done in which the large intestine was used to replace the oesophagus to restore the gut continuity enabling the patient to eat again through mouth. # City Correspond­ent

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