Sushant Singh Ra­jput Shot for Kedar­nath In Chill­ing Wa­ter


Ab­hishek Kapoor di­rec­to­rial Kedar­nath has been shot in real lo­ca­tions of Kedar­nath fac­ing mul­ti­ple is­sues owing to the weather. While vis­it­ing the pil­grim­age site Sushant Singh Ra­jput had to pre­pare in ad­vance to essay a pithoo (porter). If that wasn’t enough, he was also re­quired to get into the icy cold waters for a se­quence that took hours to shoot. Talk­ing about Sushant Singh Ra­jput, di­rec­tor Ab­hishek Kapoor said, “On cer­tain days dur­ing our shoot in Ut­tarak­hand, the tem­per­a­ture would drop to two-three de­grees and he would have to get wet. He would be shiv­er­ing in the cold while ev­ery­one else around would be wear­ing jack­ets and gloves. Un­de­terred by the to­pog­ra­phy and freez­ing cold weather, he would go on shoot­ing.”

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