When You Feel Lonely

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A beau­ti­ful girl was drink­ing cof­fee in a café when Mulla Nas­rudin ap­proached her. “Are you alone?” he asked her with an un­mis­tak­able shy­ness in his voice.

“I’ve been alone for a long time,” she sighed.

“In that case, may I take this chair?”

If you are seek­ing some­one in your life be­cause you are lonely, you will be dis­ap­pointed. You are seek­ing a seat in their heart and they, per­haps, sim­ply want your chair. Granted that hav­ing an­other per­son will keep you busy as most worldly re­la­tion­ships do, but busy-ness does not equal ful­fil­ment or bliss. Two lonely peo­ple do not make a fes­tive crowd.

When you sim­plify and de­clut­ter your life, when you de­vote time to the well-be­ing of your mind and soul, when you live in har­mony with feel­ings of love and kind­ness to­wards all sen­tient be­ings, you bridge the gap be­tween your in­tel­lect and soul. Walk­ing past your con­di­tioned in­tel­lect, you re­alise that you are be­yond all that grieves you, far above all that you crave, that you are not just a shin­ing star but the uni­verse it­self. Who can then make you feel lonely or snap you out of lone­li­ness? No one.

If any­one, only one per­son wields the power to pull you out of your lone­li­ness. And that per­son is you. The com­plete you, the beau­ti­ful you, the in­de­struc­tible you that is seated in you, that be­ing of bound­less glory and mag­nif­i­cence who is for­ever away from any­thing even re­motely close to or­di­nary lone­li­ness.

The only true and eter­nal re­la­tion­ship you have is with your­self. Live it. Love it. Value it. It’s worth it.

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