Ac­tion With Hu­mil­ity

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Among the many habits that re­turn good health with other ben­e­fits, ex­hibit­ing hu­mil­ity scores high on the list. Per­func­tory hu­mil­ity does not pay div­i­dends; it has to come from within. But how to re­alise and bring out pris­tine hu­mil­ity and how it can help us?

The very first line in the Isha Upan­ishad con­veys that ev­ery­thing that moves in uni­verse must be in and per­vaded by Isha, the Di­vine. The Bhag­wad Gita says ‘to work alone one has rights; not for the fruits thereof ’. If the for­mer is the prin­ci­ple, the lat­ter works as the rule to hon­our the prin­ci­ple.

All liv­ing be­ings, owned and per­vaded by the Di­vine, got an op­por­tu­nity to move around in this world. When every atom in­clud­ing its essence, is per­vaded by the Di­vine, iden­ti­fy­ing one­self as the ‘cause’ is ig­no­rance. Only hu­mans have the abil­ity to ap­pre­ci­ate this truth. Abil­ity un­used is tragedy. If the truth — that ev­ery­thing in the uni­verse is di­vine — dwells in our mind, we will be able to be­gin any ac­tion with hu­mil­ity, be hu­mane with fel­low be­ings, know­ing that it is Divin­ity that per­vades ev­ery­thing. Then we re­alise that our rights are lim­ited to ac­tion only and not with any cred­its as­so­ci­ated with ac­tions.

This at­ti­tude catal­y­ses men­tal free­dom to be pre­pared to strive, suf­fer, nav­i­gate the tide, and ex­cel in our ac­tions, al­beit with equa­nim­ity. Equa­nim­ity im­proves our ease and peace, thus pre­vent­ing many health-re­lated com­pli­ca­tions. The way for­ward: by rein­ing hu­mil­ity to Divin­ity, let us progress with healthy body and sound mind, which are re­wards non-mea­sur­able.

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