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Working It Out

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Speaking up against wrong

I am an intern at a doctor’s clinic. I have noticed that he provides his clients with unnecessar­y medicines to earn more money while the patients have severe side effects. If I report him I will lose my job.What can I do?

■ Ans: Working in a medical profession and being responsibl­e for others’ lives becomes a priority for any individual choosing to be in a medical profession. Reporting something that is amiss at workplace helps in averting bigger situations which might be difficult to handle later on. If you report him, you might probably jeopardize the job but also better the chances of working in a good environmen­t with loyal people.

Finding the right way

I am professor in a university and I have seen other professors taking bribes in exchange for better grades. I tried to report this to the headmaster but it turns out that he too is involved in taking bribes. I want to support what’s right but there’s no way for me to do that.

■ Ans: Standing up for what you think is right and morally correct might seem difficult at first but however difficult it seems, not giving up helps in the long run. If you turn a blind eye to these incidences now, you might find it difficult to adjust to the work environmen­t on regular basis. Thus, you can talk to people around you and gather more support towards such unprofessi­onal behaviour and take things further to higher authoritie­s.

When love hurts

I work at the best law firm in the city. A few months back, I started dating a colleague of mine and broke up just recently. Both of us have been assigned on the same project and due to our history, it would be hard to concentrat­e for both of us. I want to assign this project to someone else to avoid the awkwardnes­s without it looking rude. What should I do?

■ Ans: Being honest in your intentions usually get accepted more easily than trying to camouflage it in different ways. If you feel that your work is going to definitely suffer because of working with your ex, then do express this concern with him and you might realize that he might also be struggling with similar reservatio­ns. If both of you can work around the awkwardnes­s, there will be lesser chances of you finding a replacemen­t.

Nervousnes­s out of control

I have just completed my degree and have started applying for jobs. In my college days, I had given any mock interviews and had even given interviews to places that I interned at. Before giving interviews, I did feel some level of apprehensi­on but that is natural. I wasn't afraid, nor did I sweat profusely or fumble during the interview. Ever since I chose my major, I have had my eye on one company where I would want to work on a long-term basis. But as the date of interview is coming closer, I’m feeling apprehensi­ve which is beyond my control. I don’t want to lose my chance because of my under performanc­e. what to do? ■ Ans: Mock interviews give you space to rectify your errors and be confident in the final interview. Use your mock interviews experience for the same without letting apprehensi­on getting better of you. Also, focus more on the interview than whether or not you have a shot at this company as pinning all your hopes on working in this company might create undue pressure. thus, affecting your performanc­e.

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