Are You Liv­ing Your Life Fully?

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The uni­verse is an in­ex­haustible flow of abun­dance. If you feel you haven’t been dealt life fairly, then you are the only one who is keep­ing your­self from ex­pe­ri­enc­ing it. To get un­stuck, you have to have the will­ing­ness and the courage to look at your life and your be­liefs which sur­round your life. Take a care­ful look in the ar­eas of health, re­la­tion­ships, abun­dance and cre­ative ex­pres­sion or soul­ful pur­pose. It means fac­ing these is­sues and tak­ing ac­tion to bring about the change in your life.By think­ing about your fears and writ­ing them down, the change would have al­ready be­gun to take place. Even if you still choose to ig­nore them, or if they pass through your mind’s eye while you are re­flect­ing on them, you would have al­ready had a glimpse of them and they are now in your con­scious­ness.

Just by writ­ing them down, will help you to open out, and take you to a shift that will take place be­cause you have ac­knowl­edged them by writ­ing it down. It might seem to you as some­thing very painful and dif­fi­cult but once you be­gin, it will be very sim­ple and easy. As you open up and be­come more truth­ful, the in­ten­sity of the is­sues gets dis­si­pated quickly.

Re­mem­ber you can­not con­trol life. But you do have the power to con­trol your life through your con­scious­ness, through your be­liefs and through the at­ti­tudes you have about your life!

Take a few deep breaths and let go of all your wor­ries, fears and doubts. With each deep breath you take in, imag­ine that you are breath­ing in lots of love and light. Ev­ery time you ex­hale, imag­ine that you are let­ting go of ev­ery­thing that does not serve you at the mo­ment. Breathe fully with aware­ness un­til you feel peace­ful and calm from within. When you have reached this state, be­gin writ­ing your obit­u­ary:

• Write what you think your obit­u­ary would say ac­cord­ing to how oth­ers per­ceive you.

• Write about how you have per­ceived your life.

• Write about the things that you haven’t done but you would like to be do­ing.

• Write down your fears and doubts and what it is that is keep­ing you from liv­ing more fully?

• Write down how you can go about man­i­fest­ing these de­sires.

• Also write about the steps you can take to be­gin liv­ing your life more fully.

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