Sticky Sur­prise

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THE chameleon has a ‘strik­ing’ tal­ent. The mo­ment it spots a likely prey, the chameleon shoots out its tongue at light­ning speed and snags it. Its tongue is twice as long as its body and the chameleon keeps it folded in­side its mouth.

Since it doesn’t wrap its tongue around its prey, how does a chameleon man­age to hold on till the prey is trans­ported safely back to its mouth? With some ul­tra­sticky mu­cus on the very tip of its tongue. The mu­cus is 400 times thicker than hu­man saliva and is gooey like honey.

One par­tic­u­lar chameleon was seen to catch eight dragon­flies in quick suc­ces­sion in just a minute!

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