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Pulses pull up Rabi sowing above last five-season’s average

Sowing of rice, coarse cereals continues to be lower than last year


An increase in sowing of pulses has pulled up total sowing in the ongoing Rabi season so far to 519.27 lakh hectare, which is marginally above the previous five-years’ average acreage (normal of correspond­ing weak) of 517.45 lakh hectare.

Compared with the acreage last year, which was a drought year, sowing till December 16 is 5.87 per cent higher, according to figures released by the Agricultur­e Ministry on Friday. Sowing of rice and coarse cereals, however, continue to be lower than last year’s acreage.

Wheat acreage at 256.19 lakh hectare is about 1 per cent lower than the normal of correspond­ing week but higher than last year’s acreage of 239.45 lakh hectare in the same period.

Less acreage

Less acreage (compared with normal of correspond­ing week) has been reported from States such as Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka, while higher acreage has taken place in Rajasthan, Maharashtr­a and Madhya Pradesh, according to the official statement.

Rice acreage at 8.44 lakh hectare till December 16 is about a third of normal of correspond­ing week of 12.62 lakh hectare, and is also lower than last year’s acreage of 11.94 lakh hectare. Higher area coverage has not been reported in any State.

The fall in acreage under rice has been more than made up by pulses, with sowing increasing to 131.80 lakh hectare, which is about 9 per cent higher than the normal of correspond­ing week and more than 10 per cent higher than 117.06 lakh hectare sowed in the same period last year. Higher acreage has been reported in States, including Maharashtr­a, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, while lower sowing has been reported from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisga­rh.

Coarse cereals acreage took a hit at 48.53 lakh hectare, which is lower compared with the normal of correspond­ing week of 50.26 lakh hectare and last year’s comparable acreage of 52.51 lakh hectare.

Oilseeds sowing at 74.31 lakh hectare was lower than normal of correspond­ing week of 75.05 lakh hectare but higher than last year’s comparable figure of 69.53 lakh hectare.

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