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Tata morale

This refers to the interview with Prasad Menon, interim Chairman Tata Sons (December 16). The difference­s between the two leaders of the Tata Group of companies and the virtual expulsion of Cyrus Mistry and Nusli Wadia from the board of some of the companies is an unfortunat­e developmen­t.

It is true that in any other group, such developmen­ts would have broken the morale of the workforce. But in the case of Tata Group such a negative situation had not arisen, which underlines the strong feeling of duty among the workforce. TR Anandan Coimbatore

Logging into trouble

The Internet pioneer Yahoo’s disclosure that data from over a billion users was stolen in a hack dating back to 2013, twice as big as another breach disclosed just three months ago, has alarm bells.

That Yahoo has not been able to identify the intrusion associated with the digital heist only makes it more worrisome.

With cyber crimes on the rise and criminals coming out with devious and innovative means to hoodwink the system, technology companies need to be on guard and put in place more checks to outsmart would-be hackers. Cyber policing which is still at a nascent stage in many countries needs to be stepped up.

The news imperils Yahoo’s deal to sell its core operating assets to Verizon for $4.8 billion. NJ Ravi Chander Bengaluru

Building blocks

set off This is with reference to the report ‘IIM-A gets ₹190 crore funding for research, infra’ (December 16). Despite its vast potential in terms of intelligen­ce and youth power, educationa­l institutio­ns have not contribute­d much to the world in terms of inventions and new ideas.

There are many reasons for this failure; one of the most important among them is that our education system does not encourage innovation and research.

Research and innovative ideas should be encouraged at a school level. Dedicated teachers are a prerequisi­te for this.

Lack of government support for research and innovation­s puts constraint­s on talent.

Our government and leaders mostly believe in short-term gains and hence are not able to tap the potential of youngsters, innovators and scientists and invest in research and technology.

Our scientists and engineers are migrating to foreign lands and foreign nations are benefited. Why can’t the government call these scientists back to India offering various facilities, and encourage innovation and research?

If we want developmen­t, economic growth and create employment opportunit­ies for millions of youth of the nation we cannot go about with age old methods. We should encourage innovation and research. Veena Shenoy Thane

Wrong signal

This refers to the news ‘In Tamil Nadu, it may be ‘Sasikala’s party’ (December 16). Governance in India has shifted from being a family affair to one confined to a circle of friends. We have seen all forms of dynastic rule across political parties.

If Sasikala is made to take over the office of chief minister, inherit the liquid and solid assets and lead the party administra­tion, what are the interim CM and so many party leaders doing? In case there is no genuine will left by the former chief minister J Jayalalith­aa, and in the absence of close relatives to whom the assets could be transferre­d, shouldn’t the government take over the entire liquid and illiquid assets? RS Raghavan Bengaluru

Mamata moves

The way Mamata Banerjee exploited the visit of Urjit Patel, RBI Governor, to Kolkata shows that she is still unable to distinguis­h between her Constituti­onal duty and agitationa­l politics.

She exhibited fair political acumen when she met Patel and highlighte­d her concerns for the poor affected by demonetisa­tion. That said, heckling of Patel at Kolkata airport by her partymen was in bad taste. It will be a surprise if RBI governor accedes to her requests. YG Chouksey Pune

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