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Banks add 47 lakh Jan Dhan accounts post-demonetisa­tion

27% of new accounts, 16% of deposits come from Uttar Pradesh


Banks in the country have added 46.65 lakh new accounts under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna (PMJDY) during the five weeks after the demonetisa­tion of ₹500 and ₹1,000 currency notes on November 8.

The total number of PMJDY accounts, which stood at 25.51 crore as on November 9, increased to 25.97 crore by December 14.

More than one-fourth of the PMJDY accounts that were opened after demonetisa­tion came from Uttar Pradesh (UP). The number of PMJDY accounts in the State, which stood at 3.76 crore on November 9, increased to 3.88 crore by December 14.

Post-demonetisa­tion, it added around 12.56 lakh new PMJDY accounts.

Other States such as Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and Rajasthan added 6.29 lakh, 5.64 lakh and 3.10 lakh new accounts respective­ly, during the period. The number of PMJDY accounts came down in some States. In Chhattisga­rh, it went below the levels recorded on November 9. Here, the total number of PMJDY accounts stood at 1.11 crore as on December 14 against 1.18 crore as on November 9.

Balance amount

The total balance in PMJDY accounts increased to ₹74,123.13 crore as on December 14 as against ₹45,636.62 crore on November 9, recording a growth of ₹28,486.51 crore .

The balance amount in these accounts, which witnessed growth for four consecutiv­e weeks after demonetisa­tion, has remained almost stable in the first half of December.

The balance in these accounts had reached a maximum of ₹74,609.50 crore as on December 7. Uttar Pradesh contribute­d around 15.9 per cent to the total deposits received during the period between November 9 and December 14. The five weeks of demonetisa­tion saw Uttar Pradesh adding ₹4,530.74 crore in PMJDY accounts.

Other States such as West Bengal, Rajasthan and Bihar received ₹2,871.98 crore, ₹2,749.22 crore and ₹2,395.57 crore, respective­ly, during the five-week period.

Zero balance

The percentage of zero-balance accounts, which came down by 0.4 per cent in the first four weeks after demonetisa­tion, is nearing the November 9 levels. PMJDY accounts had 23.24 per cent zero-balance accounts as on November 9. It had come down to 22.84 per cent as on November 30.

However, the zero-balance accounts remained at 23.22 per cent as on December 14.

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