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IIIT-H students get attractive job offers after internship

Salaries offered range from ₹50 lakh to ₹1 cr


As many as 16 of BTech students at the Internatio­nal Institute of Informatio­n Technology (IIIT-H) on an internship programme, at the end of the course returned with plum job offers from top multinatio­nals including Goldman Sachs, Google, Facebook and Bloomberg.

The salary offered to these students ranged from ₹50 lakh to ₹1 crore, a IIIT-H executive said. Only six out of them have accepted the job offers, with others deciding to pursue higher studies and entreprene­urial initiative­s.

“Apart from the routine placement season that typically unfolds in December where companies visit campus, students also apply directly to companies they are interested in without involving the institute,” a student said.

Conversion offer

Most students are under a confidenti­ality contract restrictin­g them from revealing their final pay packages. “Pay package is more than one-and-half times the average salary in London,” a student said. Pravalikka Etoori, with a BTech in Computer Science and MS in Computatio­nal Linguistic­s, got an offer from Goldman Sachs for a job in London. Hemanth Veeranki, who did his internship at Google Hyderabad, applied for a full-time conversion after the summer internship, and accepted the role offered. “The job of the Site Reliabilit­y Engineerin­g (SRE) team is to maintain infrastruc­ture on which Google public services are run,” said Hemanth.

A similar conversion offer from the Google London office where he was interning at, was offered to 22-year-old Ayush Mishra. “For the conversion process, you are expected to give two additional interviews toward the end of your internship,” he said.

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