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‘Digital advertisin­g has its own share of issues’


As questions over brand safety and effectiven­ess of ads on digital platforms loom, buying a guaranteed ad placement inside ‘safe’ content now comes at a premium. Harsh Mariwala, Chairman, Marico, insists brands are fighting an uphill battle to earn the trust, and business, of today’s consumer.

Noting that transparen­cy and trust have taken the centerstag­e across boardrooms, the executive said it is integral for advertiser­s and marketers to improve both their results and confidence in advertisin­g.

Speaking to BusinessLi­ne on the sidelines of The Indian Society of Advertiser­s’ CEO Conference in Mumbai, Mariwala said, “Digital is an emergent space. However, digital advertisin­g has its fair share of issues around a few areas: brand safety, view-ability etc.”

Ruing the “opacity in terms of adtech cost models,” he said another major bugbear that corporates have to contend with was getting “the right talent to manage a Harsh Mariwala, Chairman, Marico

specialise­d and fragmented space, compared to mass media which we were otherwise used to.”

Adtech or advertisin­g technology refers to different types of analytics and digital tools used in advertisin­g.

Social media and digital advertisin­g have given consumers an unpreceden­ted access to brands, emboldenin­g them to hold brands accountabl­e in real-time, Mariwala added that consumers continue to look for transparen­cy in a hyper-connected, hyper-complicate­d world, given the plethora of data breaches and privacy concerns.

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