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‘Delhi Airport offers amazing connectivi­ty’


Anand E Stanley is President and Managing Director, Airbus India & South Asia.

1) My favourite airport:

New Delhi

2) What I like about it : It is strategica­lly located to most of the world, whether it is Tokyo,

Shanghai, Singapore, London or Africa. It’s at the centre of the world. The connectivi­ty is amazing. It also connects the second largest low-cost hub in the world and the third-largest domestic market in the world and, as I said, it connects two-thirds of the world.

3) What could be improved: I believe the internatio­nal-to-internatio­nal connectivi­ty is a great opportunit­y to improve. Domestic-to-domestic is good; internatio­nal-to-domestic is good. But internatio­nal-to-internatio­nal is a huge opportunit­y to improve in case we want to take the traffic from the Far East to Europe, or the other way round through Delhi. Today, we are still a low-cost hub and we do a fantastic job on products and service offering on low-cost carriers. But as we go up to long-distance, wide-bodies, I think there is an opportunit­y to provide more full service and our airlines will have to graduate to that level.

4) Other airports I like: In terms of internatio­nal, high-end airports, Singapore and Munich are fantastic airports. Those are the two airports I really enjoy for both the experience and transit experience. Anand E Stanley A view of the arrival hall at Indira Gandhi Internatio­nal Airport, New Delhi

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