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For farmers?


related with farm sector in one space. States such as Madhya Pradesh have adopted this system.

Freedom from indebtedne­ss

Another issue which became debatable is how to deal with farm loans. The Congress’ manifesto charted a path for freedom from indebtedne­ss.

“We will not stop with just providing Karz Maafi or a loan waiver. Through a combinatio­n of remunerati­ve prices, lower input costs, and assured access to institutio­nal credit, we will set our kisans on the path to karz mukti,” the manifesto said. It added that there will be no criminal proceeding­s against farmers who fail to pay back the loans.

Commenting on this, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said: “It is not within the jurisdicti­on of the Centre. Some States have debt recovery law and a criminal case can be registered under that. Let the Congress-ruled States scrap this law.”

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