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Not all policies that were promised have been implemente­d: Ratan Tata


Industrial­ist Ratan Tata on Wednesday said that not all policies that were promised have been implemente­d.

“A new India was promised to us. We were promised forward looking policies, but not all of the promised polices were implemente­d. Whether there was adequate time or capital is a different thing. However, what my view is that we need to unite ourselves to deal with the new India that is promised to us,” Ratan Tata said, speaking at the Hotel Investment Conference-South Asia (HICSA).

When asked if he wanted to enter politics, he said: “the worst thing and the worst mistake for me would be to enter politics because I would not be successful.”

When asked which sectors he enjoyed the most, he said, “Cars and aviation are the sectors I have enjoyed the most”.

Tata Sons had earlier shown interest in acquiring Ratan Tata

Jet Airways. On the sidelines of the event when asked about the same, he said, “I don't know anything, I am on the periphery now”.

Speaking about the industry that has the most growth potential, Tata said, “The tourism industry has the most growth potential, but we are not doing much on it.”

When asked what he looks for as a deal-broker while partnering with another company, or a business person, Tata said, “Whether you consider that you can make a business successful. When it is in trouble, the key issue is when do you give up. Tatas are accused of holding on for too long to businesses which are gone companies. We may manage to turn them around and sometimes we may not. Deep down inside it is difficult to give up the enterprise, people you have worked with. Many may disagree, but you would want to work towards making the company better than to give up.”

On the companies he admires, Tata said he admires start-ups which are innovative. Besides he said he admires Apple and Google for their innovative approach.

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