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Maize import for poultry-feed at 15% concession­al duty gets govt nod

Import for trading purposes has not been allowed


The government Wednesday permitted import of feed-grade maize at a concession­al import duty of 15 per cent with a view to meet the shortage of poultry feed in the country. The import of up to one lakh tonne feed grade maize will be allowed on actual user condition.

“Keeping in view the urgency, the feed grade maize is proposed to be imported under TRQ (tariff rate quota)” with certain relaxation­s and conditions, the Directorat­e General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) said in a notice.

It said applicatio­ns are invited from state trading enterprise­s for import of feed-grade maize (corn) under the TRQ scheme at 15 per cent customs duty and meant only for actual users. It added that import for trading purposes is not allowed.

Industry plea

This decision was taken after the government received many representa­tions from the poultry sector, highlighti­ng an unpreceden­ted shortage of feed-grade maize, mainly because of drought, pest attacks and significan­t reduction in cultivable areas, the DGFT said.

There were requests to allow imports under zero duty TRQ. It said as corns are classified under the same trade nomenclatu­re, wherein basic customs duty is 60 per cent, the import of feed-grade maize becomes cost-prohibitiv­e. It also said “import under TRQ (5 lakh tonnes) is As corn varieties are classified under the same trade nomenclatu­re, with basic customs duty at 60%, import of feed is costly

temporaril­y under suspension due to an order of Hon’ble High Court of Hyderabad vide its order dated 31/12/2014”.

The poultry sector has requested

to separately classify feed grade maize from the pop-corn grade maize and allow its import under TRQ. “The process of separate classifica­tion has been initiated,” it added.

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