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Moscow isn’t the only place where you can see signs that all is not well in Vladimir Putin’s Rus­sia. A Rus­sian mis­sile test gone wrong on Aug. 8 took at least five lives. The con­fused par­tial ex­pla­na­tions that fol­lowed con­firmed that the Rus­sian au­thor­i­ties can’t be trusted to tell the world or their own peo­ple the truth about nu­clear ac­ci­dents. Soon af­ter an ex­plo­sion at the Ny­onoksa test­ing ground in the Arkhangels­k re­gion in north­ern Rus­sia, the city au­thor­i­ties in Severod­vinsk, a nearby city with a pop­u­la­tion of about 190,000, re­ported that ra­di­a­tion lev­els had jumped for about an hour, though re­main­ing within safe lim­its.

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