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A quiz on languages on the occasion of Internatio­nal Mother Language Day being celebrated on February 21

- V. V. Ramanan


According to the popular writer Stephen King, which language ‘turns dirt into romance’?


Which was the second language, after Tamil, to become a legally recognised classical language of India?


From which language do we get words like assassin, sugar, and zero?

XQUESTION 4 In fiction, which specific type of people spoke ‘Khuzdul’? QUESTION 5

Alphabetic­ally arranged from A to Z, which would be the first and last in the six official languages of the UN?


Which letter appears in approximat­ely 11% of all words in the common English vocabulary and is the second most popular key after the space bar on a keyboard?.

XQUESTION 7 Nepali is an official language of which Indian State? QUESTION 8

What is a ‘loanword’?

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Questions and Answers to the previous day’s daily quiz:

1. The salute adopted by Nazi Germany closely resembled this salute, created by James Upham. Ans: Bellamy salute

2. This salute originated from a 16th century naval tradition in which a ship would deplete its ammunition by firing its cannons into the water. Ans: 21-gun salute

3. The practice of greeting rulers of princely states by firing a certain number of guns was discontinu­ed in this year. Ans: 1971

4. The salute in which the palm of the right hand faces downward is for this branch of the armed forces. Ans: Navy

5. This German fighter pilot was given a full military funeral, including a gun salute by Australia. Ans: Manfred von Richthofen

Visual: The armed forces of this country use this salute.

Ans: Poland Early Birds:

Jagrati Shukla| Prashant Nain| Rajmohan. V| M. Suresh Kumar| Kamaldeep Kaur

 ?? ?? Visual question:
Name this famous linguist and what ‘universal’ language did he create.
Visual question: Name this famous linguist and what ‘universal’ language did he create.

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