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Ameen Sayani, one of the most recognisab­le voices on Indian radio, passed away last week in Mumbai. A quiz on his life

- Radhika Santhanam


Binaca Geetmala, hosted by Sayani, was a weekly countdown show of the top songs from Hindi cinema. It was the most popular radio programme during its run of 42 years. Binaca was a popular toothpaste those days. The subsequent incarnatio­ns of the show were also renamed after an oral hygiene brand. Name the brand.


For a long time, Binaca Geetmala was broadcast from which country’s radio, which Sayani’s brother was the producer of? And why was this decision taken?

XQUESTION 3 In which language did Sayani host Binaca Geetmala? QUESTION 4

Sponsored by Cadbury India, this show began in 1972 and was hugely popular. In 1992, it became a TV show on Zee TV before moving to other channels. Today, most people associate this show with the Trinamool Congress MP Derek O’ Brien. Which show is this, which Sayani also hosted after his brother died?


This actor once said that he had gone to a commercial broadcasti­ng firm for auditions but they were too busy to attend to him. That is why he didn’t become a broadcaste­r and became an actor instead, he said. The ‘they’ he was referring to was Ameen Sayani and his wife Rama Mattu. Sayani later said that if he had auditioned this actor, he would have “been on the streets.” Who is this actor known for his baritone?

Questions and Answers to the previous day’s daily quiz:

1.These are large rocks balanced on a small point on a surface such that even a little touch could send them rocking back and forth. Ans: Logans

2. Name the southern African country whose banknotes featured a geological formation called Balancing Rocks.


3. The reserve set up to protect the many balancing rocks in Australia. Ans: Devil’s Marbles Conservati­on Reserve

4. This balancing rock is a popular tourist attraction in Mahabalipu­ram, Tamil Nadu.

Ans: Krishna’s Butterball

5. This Pagoda in Myanmar is a popular site of Buddhist pilgrimage.


Ans: Ans: Visual: Name this famous balancing rock. Ans: Piedra Movediza Early Birds:

K.N. Viswanatha­n| Rajmohan.V| Saheni George

 ?? ?? Visual question:
Identify this famous playback singer who is in the photo with Ameen Sayani.
Visual question: Identify this famous playback singer who is in the photo with Ameen Sayani.

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