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A quiz on R. Ashwin and his many milestones as he gears up for his 100th Test match

- Soorya Prakash. N


Name the ground in which R. Ashwin played the most number of Test matches?


Name the ground in which Ashwin picked up the most wickets?


Ashwin has picked up 10 or more wickets in a Test match eight times and only twice outside India. Who was the opposition, in which ground and when?


Ashwin has scored five centuries. These centuries have been scored against two opponents. Who are they?


Ashwin has played against all but one top-10 Test playing nation. Which one?


Ashwin has scored at least one fifty against all but two opponents against whom he has played. Who are they?


Ashwin has picked up at least one five-wicket haul in an inning against all but one opponent against whom he has played. Which one?


Ashwin has dismissed two batsmen more than 10 times. Who are they?

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 ?? AFP, PTI Hundred Years of Solitude. ?? Name these two players and their connection to Ashwin’s records.
AFP, PTI Hundred Years of Solitude. Name these two players and their connection to Ashwin’s records.
 ?? ?? Visual question:
Visual question:

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