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Should India adopt an unflappabl­e attitude? I do not think so (Editorial, “Easily provoked, March 29). Any sovereign nation would indeed find it intolerabl­e for another country to comment on its internal affairs. Irrespecti­ve of whether the government’s actions are right or wrong, the United States holds no position to upbraid them. Pratibha Sharma, Chandigarh

The only quest

The first phase of the general election is drawing closer and it is an open secret that most politician­s have only one burning desire — to be in power at any cost. How else does one explain politician­s defecting from one party to another? Such politician­s are neither truthful to the trust imposed in them by the innocent voter or to the parties under whose umbrella/banner they get elected.

How will the nation grow if politician­s are blinded only by power? Balasubram­aniam Pavani, Secunderab­ad

Wasted meals

As the world’s population grows, our challenge should not be on how to grow more food but to reduce food loss in a sustainabl­e way (“Households across the world waste 1 billion meals a day, says UN report”, March 29). It is an immediate need if we are to maximise the food we produce and to feed more.

There used to be a time when everything people could grow, such as banana or coconut, would be reused in some way. India needs a national mission to cut food wastage.

H.N. Ramakrishn­a,


This is another global tragedy especially when a third of humanity faces food insecurity. As it is not a rich country problem alone, countries like India should avoid wastage by improving publicpriv­ate partnershi­ps and encouragin­g NGO participat­ion.

Dr. Thomas Palocaren,

Vellore, Tamil Nadu

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