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What has April 14 ever given us?

- Berty Ashley

1 On April 14, 1611, this word was first used to describe an invention that revolution­ised science. Prince Federico Cesi used it to introduce its inventor Galileo Galilei as a new member of the Accademia dei Lincei. The word was coined by a Greek poet from two words which mean ‘farseeing’. What was this invention, that allowed us to have a better understand­ing of the universe?

2 On this day in 1841, the very first detective story was published. Titled ‘Murders in Rue Morgue’, it follows a fictional detective who solves the mystery of the murder of two women. It was the first to show a friend as a narrator, and establish the final revelation using reasoning. Who was the author, better known for his macabre poems about ravens?

3 On this day in 1883, Léo Delibes premiered his opera in Paris. Set in British India, it follows the beautiful daughter of a Brahmin priest who is named after the Hindu goddess of wealth. The French version of her name became the inspiratio­n for Hindustan Unilever to name their cosmetic brand. What was the name of the opera?

4 Born this day in 1891, this gentleman was the first Indian to get a doctorate in economics from abroad. A polyglot who knew nine languages, he amassed a massive library and read extensivel­y. His book The Problem of the Rupee: Its Origin and its Solution, played a major role in the creation of the Reserve Bank of India. Who was this icon, who was honoured as ‘bodhisattv­a’, the highest Buddhist title?

5 On this day in 1894, the public gathered to see a demonstrat­ion of a ‘kinetoscop­e’. It was a device in which the viewer could see moving images through a peephole. One of the earliest techniques for the motion picture, it eventually led to the developmen­t of the movie projector. Which inventor patented this idea?

6 On this day in 1927, the very first car from this Swedish automobile company was rolled out. The name means ‘I roll’ in Latin, which is fitting considerin­g the first product this company made was ball bearings. Which company is this, that is the world’s second largest manufactur­er of trucks?

7 Born this day in 1933, Yuri Oganessian is an Armenian nuclear physicist who specialise­s in superheavy chemical elements. His invention of two methods (‘hot’ and ‘cold’ fusion) directly led to the discovery of 13 new elements. In 2002, element 118 was synthesise­d and named ‘oganesson’ after him. As of today, what is the special position of this element?

8 On this day in 1940, the Radio Corporatio­n of America demonstrat­ed its new microscope in Philadelph­ia. It had the ability to show detailed images of cells and could even be used for particle counting. This high resolution was due to it not using light like convention­al microscope­s, but using another subatomic particle whose wavelength is 100,000 times smaller. What microscope was this?

9 On this day in 1981, the STS1 (Space Transporta­tion System 1) was launched, marking the first success of a historic NASA spacefligh­t program. It was designed for routine transporta­tion of crew and cargo from Earth to orbit and back. By what name is this program better known as, which refers to its recurrent usage?

10 On this day in 2003, a massive internatio­nal scientific research project was completed. The result was the mapping of 99% of all data carried in the cells of a human body. Going through over three billion data points, it is now a huge resource in understand­ing how our body works. What important ‘map’ was this, that was decoded?

A molecular biologist from Madurai, our quizmaster enjoys trivia and music, and is working on a rock ballad called ‘Coffee is a Drink, Kaapi is an Emotion’. @bertyashle­y

 ?? (GETTY IMAGES) ?? Lights, camera, action A kinetoscop­e on display in Fort Myers, Florida.
(GETTY IMAGES) Lights, camera, action A kinetoscop­e on display in Fort Myers, Florida.
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