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Prodigious guitarist Vishnu Ramprasad didn’t just perform at the concert for the first time this year; he was also part of the organising committee. “We want to discuss issues which are usually brushed under the carpet. But you can only talk, write and protest so much. The real change stems from within each one of us; there is no better way to express that than through music, dance, art or something that connects everyone.” The Vishnu R Collective, which comprised of Vishnu on guitar and vocals, Soundar Rajan on multiple percussion and Kiran Pai on the mridangam, performed some spell- binding notes. Their music, a fusion of Carnatic music with western influences, was, as explained by Vishnu, their idea of an ideal import, export and perfect collaborat­ion between the east and the west. Their intense performanc­e held the audience in a trance, so much so that when the music died down, the applause refused to.

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