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Coalition inevitable, but it is not our demand: Krishnasam­y


CHENNAI: The DMK’s lone ally Puthiya Tamizhagam has also backed the idea of coalition government saying such a political scenario has become inevitable. However, he would not place this as a demand during seat-sharing talks ahead of the next Assembly election.


PT leader K. Krishnasam­y feels that the overall political situation in Tamil Nadu had undergone a change, making a coalition government inevitable , especially in the wake of the outcome of Bihar Assembly elections.

“Gone are the days when a single party could form the government. Now it is an era of political alliance and it needs to move further. Postpoll arrangemen­t – a share in power for alliance partners – is as important as a pre-poll alliance. Only such coalition arrangemen­t can ensure effective functionin­g of a government. But I am placing this as my suggestion ,” Dr. Krishnasam­y told here on Saturday.

The Dalit leader, who is representi­ng the Ottapidara­m constituen­cy in the Legislativ­e Assembly, said emergence of multi-faceted leadthe ers representi­ng expectatio­ns and aspiration­s of various sections in society has created a need for a coalition government.

“Tamil Nadu has never seen such a varied leadership in the past. It only shows that people are no longer content with a single leadership. Also what are needed today are overt dealings during the formation of a pre-election alliance and the subsequent government formation exercise. It alone will galvanise the anti-incumbency factor now lying dormant,” he said.

While another Dalit party – Viduthalai Chiruthaik­al Katchi – has become part of the People’s Welfare Front (PWF) projecting it as an alternativ­e to the Dravidian parties, Dr. Krishnasam­y said he would continue be a part of the DMK alliance.

“In the beginning there was an attempt to project national parties in the place of Dravidian parties. Now there is an attempt to replace Dravidian parties with sub-regional entities such as the PMK and the PT. Even in the 1999 Lok Sabha polls, there was an attempt by late G.K. Moopanar to form an alternativ­e front in company of PT and VCK. But the effort never moved beyond a budding stage,” Dr. Krishnasam­y said.

According to him, the PT exited the AIADMK-led alliance because the ruling party failed to fulfil the promises.

“We wanted the government to declare our sub-sect as Devendraku­la Vellala. We also expected the government to construct memorials for Dalit leaders, including Sundaralin­gam and Immanuel Sekaran and celebratio­n of their birth anniversar­ies by the government,” he contended.

 ??  ?? K. Krishnasam­y
K. Krishnasam­y

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