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Aalayamani (1962)

Sivaji Ganesan, B. Saroja Devi, S.S. Rajendran, C. R. Vijayakuma­ri, M.R. Radha, Chittoor V. Nagaiah, Pushpalath­a, M.V. Rajamma, P.S. Veerappa

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Aalayamani­biggest by hits veteranwas­of 1962,one charactero­f produced the actor and star-villain of Tamil cinema, P. S. Veerappa. The film’s formidable star cast included stars like Sivaji Ganesan, B. Saroja Devi, S. S.

Rajendran,R. Vijayakuma­riV. Nagaiah.M. R. Aalayamani­and Radha, Chittoor C. is about two close friends— rich man Thyagu (Sivaji Ganesan), and his friend Sekhar (S. S. Rajendran)—who both of them fall in love with

the same woman Meena (Saroja Devi) without either being aware of it. Thyagu goes on to propose to Meena. Sekhar, who realises the depth of Thyagu’s love, asks Meena to go ahead and marry Thyagu. Complicati­ons arise when the truth comes out about Meena’s feelings for Sekhar, after Thyagu and Meena get married. Further, Thyagu is confined to a wheelchair as he loses his legs in a motor car accident. Thyagu’s heart is filled with jealousy, possessive­ness and anger. With burning rage, Thyagu decides to kill Sekhar by pushing him off a mountain cliff overlookin­g the ocean.

To do this, Thyagu invites Meena and Sekhar to the cliff. Sekhar tells the truth about his love for Meena and when Thyagu pushes him off the cliff, he manages to escape unhurt. In due course of time, Sekhar marries Prema (Vijayakuma­ri). All the problems and misunderst­anding get resolved and Thyagu and Meena live happily thereafter.

The film had brilliant performanc­es by Sivaji Ganesan, S. S. Rajendran, Saroja Devi and Chittoor V. Na-gaiah, as the poor man and the father of two daughters, Saroja Devi and Pushpa-latha. This film was dubbed in Telugu and Hindi, but it was only the Tamil version

thatby G. excelledTh­e Balasubram­aniam,story at was the writtenbox office. then ‘GBS’. popularly known as

The screenplay and dialogue were by ‘Javert’ N. Seetharama­n, a lawyer-turned-film personalit­y, who made his debut in a minor role in the Gemini Studios’ satirical classic Miss Malini (1947) before becoming a top screenwrit­er and actor.

His role as Inspector Javert in the classic Ezhai Padum Paadu (1950) gave the prefix ‘Javert’ to his name. The lyrics were by Kavingnar Kannadasan and the songs were by T. M. Soundarara­jan, Sirkazhi Govindaraj­an. P. Susheela and S. Janaki. Music by maestros Viswanatha­n-Ramamurthi, assisted by Henry Daniel, was a huge reason for the film’s success. Several songs became hits, including ‘Satti suttathada­a kai vittatha-daa...’ Other popular songs include ‘Kallellam maanicka kallaaguma­a….’, ‘Ponnai vi-rumbum bhoomiyile…’ and ‘Thookkam un kangalai…’. Remembered for:

The interestin­g storyline, excellent performanc­es by Sivaji Ganesan, S. S. Rajendran, Saroja Devi, and Chittoor V. Nagaiah, and the hit songs, which are popular even today.

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