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Album: Touch Music: Anil Srinivasan


Back in 2007, when Mandolin U. Rajesh released the album Into the Light, his collaborat­or in the fusion effort was pianist Anil Srinivasan. That album had a stellar fusion version of Muthuswami Dikshitar’s Sama raga-based ‘Annapoorne’ that had the mandolin as the more pronounced instrument. It looks like Anil and Rajesh really love this compositio­n, given that they have chosen to redo the tune in Anil Srinivasan’s solo debut album, Touch. Here, Anil offers a minute-long piano prelude before Rajesh joins in. The mandolin is slower and more meditative and Anil’s piano is even more prominent—understand­ably

—and imaginativ­e in its exposition of the beautiful raga.

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