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Entry of ‘non-local’ boats leading to clashes among fishermen


SRIKAKULAM: Entry of ‘non-local’ fishermen into the sea within the limits of Srikakulam district is causing uproar among the locals who strongly object the intrusion of motor boats for fishing activity. Clashes on the mid-sea have become order of the day between fishermen of Srikakulam and Vizianagar­am districts.

Srikakulam has 192 km sea coast but many locals are not able to get adequate fish quantity due to various reasons. Changes in temperatur­e, industrial pollution and other reasons have become bane for fishermen with the non-availabili­ty of fishes. Many of them are not able to go to deep sea as they are using convention­al boats.

According to sources, the fishermen of Nakkapalli and Rambilli mandals of Visakhapat­nam district are coming all the way to Kalingapat­nam, Chintakott­uru, Vajrapukot­turu and other areas of Srikakulam district, leading to tension in the area. The locals also alleged that the fishermen of Visakhapat­nam district are using banned fishnet and other equipment, preventing locals to get fishes.

As per the AP Marine Fishing Regulation Act-1994, the fishermen should adhere to their limits. Bio-metric cards and licenses have to be carried while going for fishing in the sea. They also should obtain necessary permission­s from Coast Guard and Fisheries department. Registrati­on numbers should also be displayed and they must confine to base operation area. The fishermen should also inform the officials concerned before leaving for fishing while explaining about how many nautical miles they are going to cover and how many days they would remain in the sea.

However, majority of the fishermen are not following the rules and resgulatio­ns, leading to clashes in the north coastal district. Marine police personnel also intervened to resolve the disputes. Bandaruvan­ipeta former sarpanch Gontu Lakshmaiah said that the life of fishermen community had become miserable making them to migrate to Gujarat, Andaman and Nicobar and other places with the lack of livelihood. “The government should protect the interests of the locals since they depend on convention­al boats for fishing activity,” he added.

Assistant Director of fisheries department Yakub Bhasha made it clear that the department would take stern action if anybody was violating the AP Marine Fishing Regulation Act-1994. “Mutual understand­ing is necessary between fishermen of both the districts to avoid unnecessar­y tensions,” he added.

Srikakulam district has 192 km of coast but locals are not able to get adequate quantity of fish.

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