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Composer-lyricist Mithoon on how emotions colour his music


song. Tamil is a rich language and I’m still trying to get the essence of it. But when I do decide to work down South, I’d love to work on a love story. The ones made here are full of passion and very realistic. I like that,” he says.

Given that the music industry is seeing new talent emerge every other day, from sound engineers to composers, does he feel the heat of competitio­n? “Not really. There is room for everyone in the industry. I’ve always been low-profile and let my work speak for itself. That said, I’ve worked with plenty of fresh talent — Atif Aslam, Arijit Singh, and Chinmayi — and it’s been a great experience.”

On a new horizon

And what inspires his music? “I draw inspiratio­n from human life. And when I’m working, I don’t like being disturbed at all. Just silence. In fact, I give my staff a few days off till I get the essence of my song right. Once that is in place, I get them to give their inputs. But the essence of the song is the nerve, and I simply have to get that right,” he says.

The composer, who is busy working on his next project, Aksar 2, says that this year, he will also be focussing on a lot of independen­t music. “With online platforms being thrown open to talent, it is a great time for non-film musicians. It throws open great avenues for them. Also, when you work on film music, you are restricted by factors such as plot, soundscape and expectatio­ns from the team. Here, there are no such barriers,” he says, adding, “While covers are great, I believe they are a part of the journey. It’s important to not make them the end goal. Original music needs to be encouraged.” And has he found a cover of one of his works that has left a mark on him? “Not yet,” he smiles.

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