Puducherry govt. to file re­view pe­ti­tion on nom­i­nated BJP MLAs is­sue

Says there are sev­eral loop­holes in the re­cent SC judg­ment


Chief Minister V. Narayanasamy on Satur­day said there were sev­eral “loop­holes” in the Supreme Court judg­ment up­hold­ing the uni­lat­eral ap­point­ment of three nom­i­nated leg­is­la­tors by the Union gov­ern­ment.

Ad­dress­ing a press con­fer­ence here, the Chief Minister said he was con­sult­ing le­gal ex­perts in New Delhi on the next course of le­gal ac­tion to be adopted. “There are sev­eral loop­holes in the judg­ment. There are sev­eral le­gal is­sues in­volved in their ap­point­ment. Hence, we are con­tem­plat­ing of fil­ing a re­view pe­ti­tion and other le­gal pro­ce­dures to be adopted in chal­leng­ing the judg­ment,” he said. In the nor­mal course, the nom­i­nated leg­is­la­tors should have sub­mit­ted to the Elec­tion Com­mis­sion whether they had any crim­i­nal back­ground and de­tails about their as­sets and li­a­bil­i­ties. The BJP nom­i­nated leg­is­la­tors had not fur­nished any of the par­tic­u­lars with the Elec­tion Com­mis­sion, he said. Re­it­er­at­ing his po­si­tion on the supremacy of an elected gov­ern­ment in a democ­racy, the Chief Minister said the Cen­tre had not con­sulted his Min­istry be­fore nom­i­nat­ing the BJP lead­ers to the As­sem­bly.

The Chief Minister crit­i­cised Lt. Gover­nor Ki­ran Bedi for over­look­ing the Coun­cil of Min­is­ters while giv­ing oral and writ­ten in­struc­tions to the of­fi­cials. Even af­ter re­peated re­quest to the Lt. Gover­nor not to in­ter­fere in the day-to-day af­fairs of the ad­min­is­tra­tion, Ms. Bedi con­tin­ued to hold re­view meetings and in­spec­tions in gov­ern­ment de­part­ments.

Mr. Narayanasamy said he had is­sued an­other stand­ing or­der to of­fi­cials not to take any oral or writ­ten in­struc­tion with­out the knowl­edge of the Min­is­ters con­cerned.

Op­poses dam

On the move to con­struct a dam across the Cau­very at Meka­datu by the Kar­nataka gov­ern­ment, he said the ter­ri­to­rial ad­min­is­tra­tion on Fri­day filed a pe­ti­tion in Supreme Court seek­ing ju­di­cial in­ter­ven­tion to pre­vent con­struc­tion of the dam.

The gov­ern­ment would also move a res­o­lu­tion in the As­sem­bly on De­cem­ber 14 con­demn­ing the move by the Kar­nataka gov­ern­ment. A res­o­lu­tion urg­ing the Cen­tre to or­der the Cen­tral Wa­ter Com­mis­sion to with­draw the per­mis­sion given to the Kar­nataka gov­ern­ment would also be moved, he said.


Chief Minister V. Narayanasamy ad­dress­ing a press con­fer­ence on Satur­day.

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