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Mostly due to overuse of dark nail paints, sim­ply skip nail paint for a bit. When you ap­ply, use a clear base. In some cases, yel­low nails can have other causes. “A fun­gal in­fec­tion can cause se­vere yel­low­ness and thick­ened nails,” says Dr Sethi. This can be treated by a top­i­cal cream or an oral tablet pre­scribed by the doc­tor. In rare cases, though, yel­low nails can also occur due to an un­der­ly­ing health con­di­tion like di­a­betes or liver is­sues, ex­plains Dr Sethi.


A sign of an in­fec­tion that needs med­i­cal at­ten­tion. “This needs to be treated with an­tibi­otics or a so­lu­tion that com­prises one per­cent acetic acid,” she says.


If the nail bed goes dark in patches or the whole goes black, it could be fre­quent in­jury or in­flam­ma­tion. “When your nail de­vel­ops a dark line, how­ever, it may be a sign of melanony­chia. If be­nign, there is noth­ing to be done. In rare cases it can mean melanoma or skin can­cer, which in­di­cates a need of biopsy and re­moval of the le­sion,” warns Dr Sethi.

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