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The travel and leisure platform Cleartrip has introduced ‘Shortlists’ on mobile and desktop to help users in their internatio­nal flight booking research. Planning an internatio­nal trip can be time-consuming, when you have to compare and choose between destinatio­ns, dates, airlines, flight itinerarie­s, connecting flights, layovers and transit visas. Cleartrip has analysed travel patterns to find that travellers often start researchin­g on portals 45-90 days in advance, and sometimes search as high as 100 times before making a booking. Cleartrip’s new feature, Shortlists, aims to ease this process by allowing users to compare multiple flight itinerarie­s across different onward and return date combinatio­ns. On the search results page, users can swipe left on an itinerary to add to Shortlists. Check the latest fares on these shortliste­d itinerarie­s, by visiting Shortlists from the home screen and compare fares. Cleartrip tracks individual itinerarie­s and alerts users.

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