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City-based sound engineer Vijay Rathinam on the process of creating the foley effects for and other internatio­nal projects

- :: Nikhil Raghavan

Come April and the world will see the internatio­nal release of directed by Oleg Stepchenko. The Russian and Chinese language versions of this Sino-Russian co-production, titled

was released late last year. The trailer of the forthcomin­g film shows a lot of jaw-dropping action sequences and chemistry between Arnold Schwarzene­gger and Jackie Chan.

One of the three sound designers who worked on the film is Chennai-based Vijay Rathinam who, along with Alexey Sinitsyn (Mosfilm) and Harry Cohen (sound Designer of

and designed all the sound effects to enhance the feel of this magnum opus. Vijay, incidental­ly, has exclusivel­y provided all the foley inputs for which was mixed at Mosfilm in Russia by Gary

C Bourgeois

Journey to China: The Mystery of Iron Mask, Hollywood The Iron Mask, Once Upon a Time in The Hateful Eight) The Iron Mask, (Captain America: The First Avenger)

and Dmitriy Kliminov. “All the foley effects have been created at our sound facility, The Audioville, by our team of foley experts. One of the highlights of the film is the fictional weapon called the Mace which uses high decibel sounds to kill people. We had to be careful that the sounds we created and designed do not affect the film’s audience; striking a balance without taking away the sound and visual effect of those scenes, was a challenge,” says an excited Vijay.

Vijay has an important nomination which recognises the talent in him and his team of sound designers at The Audioville, the studio from where they work on many internatio­nal film production­s. The 67th Annual Golden Reel Awards, presented by the Motion Picture Sound Editors and held in January

in Los Angeles,had his name as a nomination, under the ‘Foley Supervisor’ category for the Hindi film along with others in films such as

Gully Boy, Atlantics, Parasite, Shadow, The Fall of the American Empire The Sound Story.


“It was a close call, but we were upstaged by

But personally,the very fact that my work was recognised as of internatio­nal standard was comforting enough,” says Vijay. The hard work and the uphill climb that started in 2003 while doing his Masters in Advanced Music Production at Glamorgan University, the UK was paying off, despite his reluctant move back to India from a creatively enriching period in England. In recent times, Vijay has worked on films such as (with Stephen Gomes), and and has just completed designing sound for the Madhavan-Anushka starrer,

(Telugu version) and Kabir Khan’s

Amazon series (with

Stephen Gomes).

Vijay’s The Audioville provides sound design and Foley services for a lot of internatio­nal films and television series.”Working with internatio­nal production­s through their directors and editors is enriching. Soon after my Masters I joined as Sound Editor at Inspire GLG, an animation tele-film studio based in Worcesters­hire, ,” says Vijay.

Currently, he is doing only a couple of Indian films a year. “There’s a lot of work coming in from internatio­nal production­s,” concludes Vijay, who has just completed work on and

besides TV series,

(directed by Peter Weber) and

Dreamland, Keeler. Panipat Mariyan Sarvam Thaala Mayam Army Parasite. Nishabdam The Forgotten The Owners Kingdoms of Fire The Trial of Christine

 ?? SPECIAL ■ ARRANGEMEN­T ?? Sound choice Vijay Rathinam
SPECIAL ■ ARRANGEMEN­T Sound choice Vijay Rathinam

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