The Hindu

Sneh Gangal, New Delhi



A mixed media artist, Gangal is passionate about

kangra, the pictorial art from Himachal Pradesh. “I take the characteri­stics of the traditiona­l and mix it with contempora­ry compositio­ns,” she says, explaining that through this painting, she decided to replace feelings of despair with something inspiring. “I explored our mythology and chose Lord Krishna who battled demons. And instead of traditiona­l ornaments, I gave him a mask, sanitiser and a disinfecti­ng machine.” The painting is divided into two: on the left, Krishna battles the tentacled virus — which is sucking up humans — while on the right, a cityscape shows people indoors. “I’ve covered themes such as thali

bhajao, humanitari­an help [women distributi­ng food to the poor] and how nature is thriving now that pollution has lessened with factories shutting down.”

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