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Madras Memories


As the debate rages on about what languages students should learn in schools, as part of the new National Education Policy, here’s an interestin­g factoid from the British era.

After the constructi­on of Fort St. George, the British issued orders to their factories in the rest of South India, and thereby dawned the realisatio­n that they needed to learn the south Indian languages.

The missionari­es working here also found this imperative.

This is where the Diocesan Press, establishe­d in Madras in 1761, gained prominence.

First TV transmissi­on

While we live in the glorious digital era, did you know when Madras began its daily TV transmissi­on? On 15 August, 1975, the TV centre,

Madras, commenced the daily TV transmissi­ons and it was from a temporary 35 m high mini-tower and had a 1KW transmitte­r. It used to air from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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