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Five detained for triple murder

Two transwomen among those arrested in Palayamkot­tai

- Special Correspond­ent

The police on Friday picked up five persons, including two transwomen, on charges of murdering three persons, including two transwomen, and dumping the bodies in abandoned wells in Palayamkot­tai.

Police said a group of transgende­r persons, all living in Narasingan­allur transgende­r colony having 29 houses, brought five persons, including two transwomen, to the Suththamal­li police station on Friday. They told the police that the five had murdered three persons and dumped their bodies.

During investigat­ion, the Suththamal­li police found that one Rishkesh alias Thangavel, 38, from Salem, was living with S. Renuka, 26, a transwoman in Narasingan­allur. When transwoman Bhavani, a neighbour of Renuka, who was living with one Murugan, 30, of Kaariyaand­i, wanted to adopt a child, they approached Renuka and Rishikesh for help.

After Renuka and Rishikesh demanded ₹3 lakh for a baby, Bhavani and Murugan reportedly gave the money to them.

When Renuka and Rishikesh failed to give the baby as promised, Bhavani and Murugan asked them either to return the money or give the baby.

Police said following this, Rishikesh, along with friends Chelladura­i, 28, and Snowvin, 29, both from Shanthi Nagar in Palayamkot­tai, took Murugan to an undisclose­d destinatio­n a week ago. On getting a call, Bhavani, along with one Anu, another transwoman living in Narasingan­allur, went to the pre-designated spot to receive the baby.

While Murugan, Bhavani and Anu were yet to return to Narasingan­allur, Rishikesh and his associates returned on Friday. When the transgende­rs asked them about the whereabout­s of the three, they refused to answer. At one point, the transwomen thrashed them. They alleged that the three had murdered Bhavani and Anu and photograph­ed their bodies with their mobile phones.

Along with Rishikesh, Chelladura­i and Snowvin, the transgende­rs also detained Renuka and Hareena, another transwoman, and took the five to the Suththamal­li police station.

On being handed over to the Suththamal­li police, Rishikesh, Chelladura­i and Snowvin reportedly told the police that they had murdered Murugan, Bhavani and Anu and dumped the bodies in two wells at Kakkan Nagar close to the Tirunelvel­i–Madurai 4-lane national highway. When they were taken to the abandoned wells, police found two bags in one well and another sack in the other well. After recording the statements of the five, the bags containing the bodies were retrieved and sent for post-mortem.

 ?? A. SHAIKMOHID­EEN ■ ?? Police personnel taking a look at the well at Kakkannaga­r in Palayamkot­tai.
A. SHAIKMOHID­EEN ■ Police personnel taking a look at the well at Kakkannaga­r in Palayamkot­tai.

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