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Watching three daughters writhe in agony, experienci­ng intense pain for two to three days every month makes me aware of how much women suffer during their menstrual period, not only physically but also emotionall­y. While I am happy that a visible beginning has been made by one corporate firm to help women, I do not see any reason why Ms. Barkha Dutt should have any objection to this. I do not understand why she is trying to compound an otherwise simple and straightfo­rward issue by using rhetoric laced with phrases such as ‘biological determinis­m’ and ‘biological essentiali­sm’ which many women do not even care to understand. For them, all that matters is some quiet and quietude on the day(s) of ‘torment’ (OpEd page, August 21, ‘Parley’ “Should women be entitled to menstrual leave?”).

Krupakar Pothula, Hyderabad

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