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Gentlemen of Our Times: A dusty roll of canvases belonging to the late Indian Modernist Francis Newton Souza, travelled to Israel from New York 18 years ago. Now, in the midst of the coronaviru­s-induced lockdown, its journey has ended — at his grandson Solomon Souza’s Jerusalem studio. The 27-year-old painter, widely known for his street art and graffiti, has used them in a series of oil on canvas, as an homage to his grandfathe­r. The series is a hat-tip to Francis’ 1955 paintings, Six Gentlemen of Our Times, which showed the busts of six men in suits, their faces weirdly contorted. “[My grandfathe­r’s works show] disgust and anger at the greed of the business world. Now, these current times are making people act in certain ways...” says Solomon. Find out more

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