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Jewels for the jumbos

Space for Giants’ new campaign features fashion and a jewellery line from Gemfields

- :: Nidhi Adlakha

This World Elephant Day (August 12), Africa-headquarte­red conservati­on charity, Space for Giants, released the story of employee, Sam Karmushu. Growing up on a community-farm in Kenya, amidst grazing livestock and seeing elephants every day, Karmushu’s tale highlighte­d these vanishing landscapes. “Poaching and loss of habitat have created challenges that require pragmatic solutions, which we’re working to innovative­ly address,” begins Max Graham, founder and CEO. An example of this ingenuity is their recent partnershi­p with the Africa-focussed mining company, Gemfields.

Titled Walk for Giants, the fundraisin­gand awareness-building campaign for African wildlife conservati­on kicked off on August 17 with the release of two exclusive capsules: a selection of 44 jewellery pieces from Gemfields and 15 sustainabl­e collection­s from luxury fashion e-tailer, Net-a-Porter.

Rubies in the roses

Gemfields’ CEO Sean Gilbertson says the wildlife-themed series features Zambian emeralds and Mozambican rubies set in an assortment of necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, pendants, etc (₹1,12,127 upwards) across brands. Highlights include designer Sandy Leong’s three-piece offering, which comprises a Sahara Poison Ring crafted with brushed 18k recycled yellow gold. VAK Fine Jewel’s Elephant Pop Ring’s (₹29,18,974) yin-yang design is symbolic of the interdepen­dence of the natural world. “The artisanal, one-of-akind handcrafte­d ring, is designed with two Mozambican non-heated rubies, which are a metaphor for the blood of elephants that’s too often lost to poachers,” says Gilbertson, adding that the launch was reschedule­d due to the pandemic. The pieces are available on

Net-a-Porter’s exclusive capsule collection­s (₹9,567 - ₹7,91,194) — with everything from asymmetric­al pleated skirts, jumpsuits, leather sandals, jackets, linen sun hats, swimwear, duffel bags, and more — come from high-end brands such as Burberry, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Brunello Cucinelli, Chantecail­le as well as emerging designers such as Hereu, Fisch and Bassike. The campaign will culminate in an immersive conservati­on journey along an ancient elephant migration corridor later this year.

Funds from the initiative are intended to support Space for Giants’ frontline conservati­on work across nine African countries — Angola, Botswana, Gabon, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. “Proceeds will go towards supporting rangers and law enforcemen­t personnel with training, critical equipment and operationa­l support, constructi­on of electrifie­d fences around smallholde­r farms, etc,” says Graham, who founded the organisati­on in 2011, adding, “It is our objective to demonstrat­e to the fashion industry that a unit of consumptio­n can be converted to a unit of conservati­on. This is not only good for conservati­on but is critical for business in an increasing­ly environmen­tally conscious marketplac­e.”

 ?? FRANCESCO CARROZZINI ■ ?? Set in stone (clockwise from left) The Walk For Giants campaign image, VAK Fine Jewel’s Elephant Pop Ring and the Sahara Poison Ring by Sandy Leong
FRANCESCO CARROZZINI ■ Set in stone (clockwise from left) The Walk For Giants campaign image, VAK Fine Jewel’s Elephant Pop Ring and the Sahara Poison Ring by Sandy Leong

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