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THE strug­gle of mak­ing your small room look big­ger is so real for al­most all the peo­ple. Fit­ting all the nec­es­sary be­long­ings into places with a lim­ited ac­cess to space is a tus­sle. Be it a dorm or an apart­ment, get­ting an ad­e­quate, big space for liv­ing is hard to find these days but not any­more.

Ankur Dhawan, CIO,, and Sne­hil Gau­tam, Mar­ket­ing Head,, list ways that can help you make any room look big­ger than it re­ally is.

● Use light colours: The re­flec­tive qual­i­ties of light colours are very well known to us. Light colour helps a space open up mak­ing it light and airy. Try paint­ing the room in only one colour or with dif­fer­ent shades of the same colour so that the bound­aries be­tween the walls are not well de­fined which causes your eye to travel up mak­ing the ceil­ing seem higher than it re­ally is. Light colour even sim­pli­fies the space mak­ing it look clut­ter less and em­pha­sizes the ar­chi­tec­ture.

Clever use of fur­ni­ture: When you don't have ac­cess to a larger space but need to cram all your worldly be­long­ings into place, all you need to do is choose your fur­ni­ture wisely. Opt for mul­ti­func­tional fur­ni­ture and in­cor­po­rate clever use of con­trasts of the fur­ni­ture with the walls.You can even use built-in fur­ni­ture to open up a space.

● Let there be light: Noth­ing makes a room big­ger than the al­lowance of nat­u­ral lights into your liv­ing space. Nat­u­ral light opens up a space and makes a room look big­ger and brighter. When you paint your room in light colour and al­low the nat­u­ral light to pen­e­trate into it, it re­flects the light which in turn fools your eye into your room look­ing big­ger. Well placed mir­rors also play won­ders in pen­e­trat­ing the light and mak­ing your room big­ger and brighter.

● Keep your room clut­ter less: A room full of trash and clut­ter makes you feel claus­tro­pho­bic. One of the ma­jor changes you need to in­cor­po­rate in the process of mak­ing your room big­ger is the cut­ting down of the mess. Get rid of all the un­wanted things you're not in need of right now and try plac­ing your nec­es­sary items in an or­ga­nized man­ner.

● Use same colour or small print

fab­rics: Pick fab­rics of the same colour or select small-printed fab­rics for your room. If you choose large-printed fab­rics, it'll make your room look smaller and a bit messed up, no mat­ter how well-or­ga­nized you keep it.

● Make your ceil­ings pop with

bright colours: Paint your ceil­ings with brighter colours than that of the walls. This trick keeps your at­ten­tion to­wards the ceil­ing mak­ing the ceil­ing look higher. Es­sen­tially, keep your in­te­rior sim­ple and go for sim­pler ac­ces­sories to de­ceive your eyes into your room look­ing wider than it re­ally is.

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